What We Have Been Doing


Year 6 Night

Year 6 night is now up and running, we have a six week programme running on Monday nights to support local young people starting at the Blandford school from local village schools.
Each week we will be running activities to support self development and build their confidence as well as answer questions and support the big step up in to Secondary School. Our young volunteers are a massive support in this process and our current year 9s are on board as well learning the ways of a volunteer ready for when they start with us next year.

Coronation Celebrations


We were very lucky to receive from Sovereign some money to run three evenings of coronation celbrations for all of our young people. Our young volunteers got together to plan an evening for our young people to celebrate. They had to plan activities decorations and food and work within a budget. They had loads of great ideas snd finally decided on English games on the field with a fish and chip supper



English Field Games and

All our young people headed to the field for games including, rounders, egg and spoon races, sack races and frisby, they then all sat together to eat some chips from our local chip shop and were able to take bubbles and flags home at the end 

Young volunteers 


Our young vounteer programme continues. we have a great number of young volunteers this year helping on the evenings that they can. they learn new skills and a good work ethic


They develop skills in a work environment, supporting young people and peers, developing their communication skills and building their confidence in their abilities to work in a team and be great youth workers to our young people.

Planning and implementing

We can not do it without our young volunteers, they provide support, they plan and implement activities and bring new and fresh ideas to our youth club, helping us suport and better understand our young people that walk through the door ensuring we are current and up to date with language and the current trends our young people are exposed to

Summer is here 

Summer is here so we are back out on the field enjoying the fresh air and  the space, some of us like to play and join in with sports and games, some of our favorite being rounders, capture the flag and football, others like to sit with their friends and chill after a day at school, how ever anyone decides to use this time everyone is encouraged outside for at least some of the night.

Teddy Rocks 2023

Safe Space

We were so extremely proud to be invited back to Teddy Rocks to support the festival by offering a safe place for all ages. 

Games and Fun

,We were able to offer a range of games for all ages to come and get involved in, with us or other people enjoying the festival

Educating and Talking

We offer advice about staying safe at a festival and provide a safe space for those lost feeling over whelmed or just looking for some where quiet to sit for a while

Youth worker/Police officer

We are incredibly proud of our youth worker Josh Feirn who always works hard and has finally accomplished a long term dream of his to become a local Police officer. We couldn't be prouder of you josh, it was so deserved. Thankyou for allowing us to share your special moment with you. .

World Cup

We have enjoyed following the world cup at youth club, we have had the football on and everyone even people passing havent been able to stop them selves enjoying the celebrations.

Prom 2022

Our year 11s weren't all able to attend their end of year school prom and decided they wanted to organise one here at youth club, with the support of the youth club and locals providing suits and dresses, all our year 10s and 11s were able to attend our prom we enjoyed an evening of nice food and a fantastic local DJ provided us the music. However I am not sure if we enjoyed the actual night itself more, or the evenings of prep and trying on all the amazing suits and dresses that were donated. 

Teddy Rocks 2022

I am just crashing back down to earth after a fantastic weekend at teddy rocks with our wonderful youth club... It was so lovely to see so many of you there, we met lots of new faces too. Our volunteers taught people of all ages new skills, we provided a safe place for calm for all ages, a changing room for tots and even the bear who needed a t shirt change.. we enjoyed many a family or friend table tennis tournament, we reunited families with mobile connection issues and remained a safe place as dark fell for people to just come chat chill and draw. We hope everyone had a safe and happy time! We look forward to seeing you all again next year when we do it all again.

The Friendly food Club

We are really excited to be teaming up with The Friendly Food Club organisation. They will be coming in to work with all the young people here at the Blandford youth Club
You will all get the change to learn new skills, cook, taste or share healthy, quick recipes that you can then take home to share with family and friends.
We are looking forward to seeing you all take part and sharing your cooking accomplishments. As well as hopefully getting to join in with the taste testing.
They will be starting with us this Thursday and easing the first lot of chiefs off with cookies..one of my faves.
Watch this space for photos of what you all manage to create

Modern Apprenticeship

We are currently working with The DYA and have 2 students doing their modern apprenticeships working here with us. They are doing 30 hours a week, working all the nights as well as planning and organising activities and updating the spaces at the youth centre. Read more about them below and dont forget to give them a Hi when you see them as well as sharing any of your own ideas with them. 

Getting in the christmas spirit

Christmas at the youth club has begun. We have decorated the centre. The young volunteers have personalised the Christmas tree and we were very lucky that The Teddy20 Santa did a drive by and shared sweets with all the year 7s. What a fun evening. 

Hot chocs and Christmas movies tonight, along side some Christmas karaoke. 

This week has also seen snow fights and Christmas decoration making. 

We are all grateful to have both an upstairs and downstairs space at youth club. 

Blandford Skate Fest 

We went along to Blandford Skate Fest and set up camp to engage and meet some of the young people there. We had a great day meeting you all and finding out what you think the young people of Blandford want.

Our new upstairs Space

Thanks to Homebase donating us some paint our upstairs space has been updated. We can't wait for everyone to return!

Our Young volunteers have been busy decorating! They wrote to Homebase and Homebase kindly donated us some paint which allowed us to give our out dated upstairs space a new updated look


Dorset Award Ceremony!

Our Young volunteers proudly showing off their Dorset Awards that were handed out by Matt Prosser Chief Executive of Dorset Council.


Fundraising for one of our young volunteers to be able to take a trip of a life time to pursue another volunteer role abroad. We are proud of you Georgia. Make sure you visit us when you are home.

Year 6 night

Two of our year 6's enjoying some just dance.
Year 6 night runs after Easter one night a week. They all really enjoy it and it is a great way for them to start mixing with each other before starting at secondary school. 

Year 6 Summer Activities

Another successful Year 6 Summer activity Programme. We invite all year 6s  to come and take part in a range of great activities, from arts and crafts, to team building games to canoeing. We also have time for all those questions to be answered that lots of them will be thinking about. This year our years 6's had great fun making new friends with other young people their age that they will also be transitioning to The Blandford school and also with our young volunteers. How great to have some year 11 and 6th form students recognise you on your first day of school. We are really pleased with how much this helps our young people through the transition from primary to secondary school and all our the young people that attend took something from it making the jump from primary to secondary school that bit easier. We look forward to next summer!!!