What is currently on

MONDAYS - Year 6s
We are currently running our year 6 transition evening

If you attend a local village school and are planning on going to The Blandford school in September then you are invited to join us on Mondays for the next 6 weeks to meet other young people that you will be starting school with as well as our young volunteers who currently attend the school.
Each week we will be building on our skills, in areas such as developing  friendships, building self confidence and managing change and stress, self care and more.
We will be there to answer questions and help ease the concerns of the young people about to head up into The Blandford School.

Tuesday - Year 7s and 8s

We really enjoying getting to know the year 7s and continuing to watch our year 8s develop and grow, we provide them a safe space to be able to hang out with their friends, make use of our space and facilities as well as taking part in outdoor activities when the weather allows it.
 A lot of this night is about supporting them in making friends and tackling any friendship breakdowns, we answer their questions about school and the changes they are going through.
With the help of our young volunteers, we support them with the new pressures they are working through and helping them with the extra work loads they face. We run activities and run planned discussion activities to allow them to discuss in smaller groups age related issues and current events. We always have a lot of fun with this age group and love joining them in their activities and celebrating with them their success of conquering many new challenges this year. We hope by including the year 8s on this evening the years 8 will help guide the year 7s through their first year and build friendships allowing years 7s to know a broader number of children in the school.

Wednesday - young volunteers, year 10s and up

We are very happy to be able to run an evening for our young volunteers, year 10s and up. It is a time to come together to reflect their week, discuss school, college, work, families and relationships. We look at what is available to them, help them make future plans, support them to research their options, help them to learn skills to cope, support them to manage their school work and  stress levels as well as help them better understand those day to day problems. We enjoy being able to celebrate their highs and successes  as well follow them through their exams and their next big steps after school has finished. 

Thursday - Year 9s

We look forward to providing them a safe space to be able to hang out with their friends, make use of our space and facilities as well as taking part in out door activities when the weather allows it. We have our young volunteers support us with running activities indoor and out, opening up discussions on current issues in the news and events from around the world as well as discussing age appropriate issues, school related issues and relationship issues. We help support these young people with their day to day problems school stresses, home work, friendships and any other concerns they may have. We will celebrate their successes and enjoy watching them progress.  

If there is every any questions about the nights we are running or if you feel there is something specific you would like us to cover please do get in contact.